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Your two month old

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Before you know, your baby has grown up to be a smiling two month old. Your baby is even more alert now and really taking in everything around her. During this month, she may begin to smile or coo to communicate her preferences and emotions.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Here are few pointers that help you gauge the situation better.

Knowing mother and father.

You may find that your baby is starting to respond to familiar voices and sounds such as your voice. By now more than half of all babies can recognise their parents, as shown by the special reaction that moms and dads—versus strangers—receive from their babies.

Remember however that there’s no strict schedule for your baby’s development. Every baby is different and develops according to her own unique timetable.

Your baby’s growth.

At 2 months, babies usually range from 52 cm long and 3.9 kg (10th percentile) to 57.5 cm long and 5.7 kg (90th percentile).

This month your baby may be able to:

Respond to loud sounds by becoming completely silent, crying, or acting startled

Make cooing sounds

Move her head or eyes toward the sound of your voice, showing that she recognises you

Raise her chin off the couch while lying on her tummy

Focus on very small objects and follow (or "track") objects with her eyes as her eye muscles continue to develop

What you can do

Read or sing to her: This face-to-face play will help you bond with your baby and help your baby learn about herself and the world around her.

Get down and play: Sit on a blanket on the floor to play with your baby. As she continues to gain more control and get stronger, give her plenty of time to kick and move around.

This is the beginning of a lifelong relationship between you and your baby. Know the nitty-gritty of the period to make the most of it.

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