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Your three month old

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This third month is a time of incredible growth and psychological development for your baby. She’s probably not quite as fussy now that she’s learned to feel safe in this new environment. But you need to know what is going on in her life to guide her to the right life.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Here are few pointers to help you understand her better.

Learning to trust.

This is the month when babies learn the important developmental lesson of trust by realising that their needs are consistently met. At the same time, they’ll start to figure out that they can get their parents’ attention. This feeling of confidence allows them to focus on learning other important developmental skills.

Your baby’s growth.

At 3 months, babies usually range from 55 cm long and 4.4 kg (10th percentile) to 61.5 cm long and 6.4 kg (90th percentile).

This month your baby may:

Bring her hands together and reach for nearby objects as her coordination skills develop

Consciously unfold her tight fists

Suck on her fingers as she continues to explore her environment with her mouth

Practise focussing her eyes by maintaining eye contact with you

Perceive colour differences more clearly (she’ll prefer bright primary colours; similar colour tones can be hard for newborns to distinguish)

Begin to follow you with her eyes

Turn towards the sound of your familiar voice as her ability to locate and recognise sounds improves

What you can do?

Talk, sing, hum, play music, and read to your baby

Speak to your baby in what paediatricians and psychologists call "motherese"—happy-sounding high-pitched tones with lots of repetition

Avoid the distortion or mispronunciation of words ("Does ooka-wookums want a widdleba-ba?"). Instead encourage everyone, including big brothers and sisters, to pronounce words clearly, using short sentences and simple words.

Your baby is dependant on you for the right steps and lessons in her life. Keep the above points in mind to do what is best for her. And help her grow into a baby everyone loves.

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