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Your Clothes During Pregnancy

Your Clothes During Pregnancy

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Ah! This is time to pamper yourself after all at no other time of your life will you be wearing the so called “maternity wear”. Who says that maternity wear has to be baggy and shapeless?? Latest trends offer a variety of options that can quite make you the fashionista mom-to-be.

Monday, September 4th, 2017

However, remember that when you choose your pregnancy wear:

  • Choose loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Your breast undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy . Therefore,

Avoid tight clothing during pregnancy and opt to “maternity wear” once there is significant change in the shape of your body.

a. It is advised to wear bra that can provide firm support.

b. You may find it more comfortable to pick cotton bras over synthetic ones as they are comfortable.

c. You can keep aside your old bras for some time now and buy new bigger size bra. Ensure that your bra does not irritate your nipples.

d. Maternity or nursing bras are a very good option. Such bras provide good support and you could even use them after pregnancy when you breastfeed.

e. Using disposable pads or tucking a cotton handkerchief into each bra cup to absorb leaking fluid during pregnancy is a wonderful idea.

• Frequent urination and vaginal discharge are common during pregnancy. Therefore, avoid wearing tight-fitting underwear or pants.

Shoes During Pregnancy

When it comes to shoes, you might also find that wearing a shoe size larger than what you normally do, can help especially since you might have some swelling in your feet . You can opt for wearing slip-on shoes in a larger size especially in the summer months.Backache is one of the common discomforts women face during pregnancy. Wearing shoes, which have low heels, might be helpful.

Checklist for Packing Hospital Clothes for Delivery

  • Loose and comfortable clothes that don’t restrict you from moving around or make you very hot.
  • Two or three comfortable bras, including nursing bras so that you can breastfeed easily.

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