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Your babys palate

Hours after birth, babies can make faces when they experience sweet, bitter and sour tastes. Most newborns will relax their faces and react favourably to a taste of something sweet. The below points help you understand the situation better and take a favourable decision.

Breast milk is sweet.

For most babies, breast milk is the first taste sensation they experience, which is a sweet taste.

Your diet changes breast milk flavor.

Breast milk alone provides most full-term newborns with the nutrition they need for the first months of life, as well as added immune protection. But that’s not all - breast milk also contains the flavours, tastes and aromas of the foods mom has eaten. If the mother likes food heavy in garlic or the taste of vanilla, she will relay these flavours to the baby through her breast milk. These flavours teach the baby about what the family eats, even before she has a chance to taste them. Therefore consume a diet which is not strongly flavored and high in spices.

You are responsible for the palate of your baby. Therefore, take right decisions. And make her smile!

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