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Your Babys Growth and Development

Your Babys Growth and Development

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Every baby is different. Your baby may stand at 10 months, but your friend’s baby may not have even tried standing at 12 months. Each baby has their own pattern of growth and development.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

An overview of your baby’s growth and development at 10 months:

Weight and Height - at 10 months, your baby’s weight may be more than double the birth weight. There is also an increase in the height of the baby. There should be a steady weight gain in your baby – this will help you know that your baby is feeding  well and is healthy.

Appropriate and adequate feeding promotes healthy growth and development of the baby. Interact and respond to your baby at every stage of the developmental process to make him or her feel comfortable.

Movement - Your baby sits without support and can crawl as well. At this age, babies may also try to pull themselves up with a support and stand holding on to it.

Handling Things - Your baby tries to hold small things between the thumb and index finger and passes things from one hand to another.

Hearing and Talking - Your baby responds to voices and copies others sounds and gestures. He or she also makes a lot of different sounds like “mamama” or “bababa”.

Mental Development - Your baby looks for things you hide in front of him or her and plays peek-a-boo. He or she watches the path of something as it falls.

Following your baby’s growth and development will help you track his or her progress. Consult your doctor if your baby has stopped gaining weight or is growing too slowly. Continue encouraging and superivising your baby to make this experience a wonderful one for both of you.

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