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Your baby’s checkup at six months

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What should you keep in mind when you make a visit to the doctor to get your baby checked at her age of six months.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

How to examine your baby?

Your baby will be weighed and measured for length and head circumference

Your doctor may check your baby’s eyesight and hearing.

Your doctor will discuss health concerns, as well as developmental milestones

She will continue to ask about feeding and sleeping

Your baby will get another round of immunization; Ask your doctor about the one she should be administered to at this age

Your doctor will discuss teething

Your doctor can discuss common concerns, like food allergies and introducing solid foods, as well as the use of over-the-counter baby medications

Your doctor may ask about any concerns you have since your last appointment

How to check your baby’s growth?

At 6 months, babies usually range from 61cms long and 6.25 kgs (10th percentile) to 67 cms long and 8.5 kgs (90th percentile).

What to ask the doctor?

physical growth and coordination

speech and language


emotional state

day care



What answers is the doctor looking for?

How is your baby sleeping?

How and what is your baby eating? How much per day? After introducing other foods, how has your baby done?

Describe your baby’s bowel movements (colour, form, number per day).

Keeping these points in mind help you utilize the visit to your doctor. This is a step ahead in keeping your baby healthy and happy.

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