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Your baby eats what you eat

Your baby eats what you eat

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You are aware that nutrients from that crunchy apple you bite will reach your growing baby. But, do you know how?

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Well, the placenta and umbilical cord are the two connecting organs that link you and your unborn baby together.

Umbilical cord is a tube like structure that connects the placenta and the baby.

Placenta is an organ that develops during pregnancy and normally attaches itself to the top side of the uterus. Placenta has several thin tissues, which act together as the blood barrier.

The Placenta:
Plays a role of a security guard and controls what goes into your baby’s blood circulation.
Allows nutrients, oxygen and certain hormones. 
Blocks components such as red blood cells, bacteria and other particles, which can harm your growing baby.

How Do These Two Organs Work?

Ensure maximum nutrient transfer to your baby by eating a well balanced diet during pregnancy.

The food you eat is digested and nutrients get absorbed into the blood. When this blood reaches the placenta, it passes on the nutrients to your baby. Hormones produced by your placenta (hCG; human chorionic gonadotropin, progesterone and oestrogen) act like messengers and communicate to your body about the needs of your unborn child.If you are undernourished, placental transfer of nutrients goes down and the growth of your baby will be adversely affected.

So, ensure that your placenta has best of nutrition to offer to your baby by eating right during pregnancy.

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