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Why Read to Your Baby

Why Read to Your Baby

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Reading is a pleasurable activity that can broaden your child’s world around and encourage bonding between you and your child.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Here is why reading is important for your child:

Read slowly but aloud so that your child understands what you are reading. Choose appropriate books to keep your child interested in reading.

Encouraging your child to look, point, touch and answer questions during reading helps in his/her social development and thinking skills.

While your child is listening imitating sounds or recognising pictures or learning new words, he or she is improving language skills.

A strong connection is being established between you and your kid which makes him or her feel safe and comfortable.

Frequently reading to your child with joy, excitement and closeness helps him/her associate books with happiness. Thus, your child is becoming a potential reader.

According to experts, kids who are well-exposed to language have social and educational advantages compared to their co-mates.

Kids get utmost exposure to language while reading.

Reading to your child helps set the habit of independent reading in future. If reading habit begins in the toddler and preschool years, it is easy to prevent the future reading problems in your child.

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