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 When to Start Giving Water to Your Baby

When to Start Giving Water to Your Baby

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When can I give my baby water? Can I start giving sips of water while my child is breastfeeding? As a new mother, these are some questions that may come to your mind.

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

No water before 6 months

Your breast milk has everything including water that your baby needs until around 6 months of age. Breast-fed babies do not need extra water, even in summer or extreme heat. Water and juices are unnecessary for your child if he/she is below 6 months of age as they can introduce microorganisms and other contaminants into his/her body and cause diseases.

Water, glucose water, formula and other fluids should not be given to exclusively breastfed babies unless ordered by your child’s doctor during medical conditions.

Use a clean spoon to offer water to your baby after 6 months. Encourage your baby to get into the habit of drinking water at an early age by offering water more often.

Introduce water after 6 months

Water can be given to your baby once he/she starts having solid food. After 6 months of age, water is the best drink for your baby as:

  • Water is cheap and freely available.
  • It has no sugar, artificial colours or flavours.
  • It helps protect against tooth decay.

Make sure you use water that has been boiled well and cooled.

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