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What your Baby can See

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This is a common question that comes in our mind when we see a newborn. We all would like know about a newborn’s feelings whether he or she is able see, hear or smell his or her surroundings. However, babies are born with all active senses and hence, they respond to light, noise, touch and feel the world around them.

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Vision Capacity

Newborns have full visual capacity, but have poor eyesight. They can see objects 8–12 inches away from their eyes. They cannot focus on distant objects, as they are nearsighted. They are comfortable to open their eyes in low light, but sensitive to bright light.

To encourage development of your baby, show bright colour toys and shapes to your baby and occasionally introduce new objects keeps your baby happy and curious.

Pattern and Colour Vision

Colour vision of your baby gradually improves, and he or she likes bright colours, moving things and high contrasting patterns, such as black-and-white
checkerboards and concentric circles of contrasting colours.

Improved Eye Coordination

During second to third month, your baby can follow an object through 180? angle. This indicates an improved eye coordination of your baby. Consequently, 
your baby might start on grabbing objects, which is a sign of hand–eye coordination.

Recognising Face

Newborns like human faces and at the end of 3 months, they start recognising familiar faces from a certain distance. At this time, babies can identify their parents. You can place a baby-safe mirror near your baby’s eye level to see himself or herself. Changing Environment When you are taking out your baby for a walk to park or the mall, he or she enjoys looking outside. Show your baby some interesting sights around him or her. As your baby grows, he or she remains awake for longer duration, which helps improve his or her eyesight.

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