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What you can do to help your toddlers development

What you can do to help your toddlers development

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As a parent you can play an active role in every stage of your baby’s development. As she grows, her demands and requirements changes. Here’s a recap of what your baby might be doing at this stage, plus some things you can do to support her healthy development along the way.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

During this stage your toddler may:

Build a tower of two blocks

Try to scribble with a crayon

Try “cruising”—walking while holding on to furniture

Stand momentarily without support

Walk a few steps without support

What you can do:

Give your toddler push-and-pull toys to play with

Offer her balls to play of all shapes and sizes

Put your baby on her hands and knees close by and call her name to encourage her to come towards you

Hold your toddler’s hands as she practises walking

Have her help you with simple physical activities around the house, such as sweeping the floor. Turn learning this new skill into a game so that it’s fun for both you

You are on a life long journey to understand your baby and provide her the love, care and support. Understand what is best for her and help her grow into a happy and healthy baby.

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