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What you can do to help your baby’s development

What you can do to help your baby’s development

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As a parent, you can play an active role in every stage of your baby’s development. Your baby is dependent on you for the right guidance and lessons. Therefore it is important to know the right steps.

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Here’s a recap of what your baby might be doing at this stage, plus some things you can do to support her healthy development along the way.

At this stage your baby may:

Pat or stroke your face to express her appreciation for you

Imitate sounds you make—especially animal sounds

Roll in two directions (tummy to back, back to tummy)

Communicate with laughs, squeals, smiles and frowns

Make biting movements that help build jaw strength and prepare for future eating skills

Pick up a toy with one hand and easily pass it to the other hand

Interpret emotions from tone of voice

Hold a spoon, although she’s not very good at using it

Enjoy looking in the mirror

Drink from a cup with two handles

Things you can do:

Play hand and clapping games like “pat-a-cake”

Read to her and also give her cloth or other soft books to “read” to herself

Show her pictures of animals and teach her the sounds they make or how the animal moves

Roll a soft ball to her and encourage her to roll it back

When on her tummy, give her things to reach for, to help improve her balance and strength

Play simple exercise games like gently stretching her arms over her head or letting her bounce with her feet on your knees. Make sure to support her neck.

Give your baby toys that make noise, play music or are made of different textures. Some great toys are found in the kitchen—try measuring cups and spoons, colanders, wooden spoons, or plastic cups.

The joy of parenthood is as unexplained as critical. Every step you take can bring a difference to your baby’s life. So, it is important to understand her and take steps accordingly. This will ensure your baby grows up to be loved by everyone.

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