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What is W Sitting

What is W Sitting

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What is W-sitting? W – Sitting is a sitting position in which a child sits on the floor with his or her legs in the W-position.

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Why Discourage W-sitting?

Although it is normal for children to sit in the floor with their bottoms between bent legs or W- position, doctors advise to discourage child from sitting in the W- position because:

Encourage your child to sit cross-legged or both the legs stretched out on one side. Make sure your child uses both the sides in side-sitting.

  • On long term it might affect your child’s muscles and joints of the hips, knees, feet and back.

  • Children sitting in the position might develop a sway back posture in which your child will have a tendency to walk and stand with his or her feet turned inwards.

How can you Deal with W-sitting in Your Child?

Prevent your child from forming a habit of sitting in the W-sit position. The following ways will help you to deal with W-sitting in your child.

  • Just keep an eye on him or her and whenever you notice that your child sits in
    that position show him or her alternate ways of sitting.
  • If your child refuses to sit in any other position, it is better to get him or her off the floor and make your child to sit in chair or a low stool, etc.

If your child is not able to sit alone in any other position then W-sitting, do contact or visit a therapist to get ideas on how to make your child sit in different positions.

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