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What should a mother to be know about breast feeding

What should a mother to be know about breast feeding

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Breastfeeding is important for both you and your child. Knowing about breastfeeding and preparing for it before the little one comes will help you breastfeed more efficiently.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Preparation for Breastfeeding

Eating a well-balanced Diet: A breastfeeding mother and a mother to be should eat a well-balanced diet including lots of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain breads and cereals, calcium rich dairy foods and protein-rich food products (meats, fish and legumes). Healthy eating increases the supply of milk.
Drinking plenty of fluids: Drinking loads of fluids such as water, milk, juice or soup are recommended for expectant and nursing mother to stay hydrated.

A good latch helps your baby to breastfeed effectively and comfortably. Practice, skill and coordination make you an expert so seek out a lactation consultant after you deliver to help guide you.

Attending breastfeeding classes: Attend breastfeeding classes during this time to acquire more knowledge about techniques of breastfeeding.
Seeking out a lactation consultant: If you have any issues with feeding your baby after birth, most hospitals have lactation consultants. A lactation consultant basically will help provide you with proper guidance onbreastfeeding positions and can help troubleshoot lactation related issues such as poor latching etc
Discussing with your doctor any issues that you might think might affect your capability to breastfeed for e.g. breast surgery or injury or inverted nipples Do let your doctor know if you suffer from depression or are under medication.
Asking for tips from your experienced friends or sibling.


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