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 What is Kangaroo Method of Care

What is Kangaroo Method of Care

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Kangaroo care is a method of care for babies that involves giving the baby as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. The method involves holding your baby between your breasts with a blanket draped over his or her back.

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

You may be scared or nervous to try kangaroo care because of the small size of your baby. Don’t worry. Your baby knows your scent, touch and breathing and will in fact enjoy the feeling of closeness with you.

Benefits of the Kangaroo Method

While holding your baby close to your skin, use a blanket to cover your baby’s back. You can also wear an oversized shirt and use it to cover your baby instead of a blanket.

Kangaroo care offers many benefits to you and your baby.

  • The skin-to-skin contact helps your baby maintain his
    or her body warmth and regulates his or her heart and breathing rates.
  • The contact enables your baby to spend more time in deep sleep and provides a quiet environment that makes him or her cry less.
  • The kangaroo method improves your breast milk production enabling satisfactory breastfeeding.
  • It instills a sense of confidence in you by providing intimate care which helps in improving your baby’s health and well being.
  • It gives you an inner feeling of happiness and satisfaction as you are providing something special which no one else can give. For some of you the
    feeling that you have become a parent can come only by now.

Look forward to kangaroo care! It is a precious way to be really close to your baby.

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