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 What are Ovulation Kits

What are Ovulation Kits

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Knowing when you are most fertile can be frustrating and time consuming. Ovulation kits provide an easy and convenient way of detecting when you ovulate.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Nearly 12-36 hrs before you ovulate, your ovaries produce a hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH), which triggers the release of the egg. Ovulation kits have chemicals that can detect the surge of this hormone in your blood and urine, and thus predict ovulation.

How do you use the Ovulation Kit?

  • To detect ovulation, you will need to either pee on the test stick or collect your urine in a sterile container and dip the test stick in it.
  • Wait for the number of minutes specified in the instruction booklet of the kit and then read the results.
  • The results show up differently depending on the type of stick you use. Digital sticks show positive signs or smiley faces if you are ovulating. Non-digital sticks will turn a certain color if a LH surge is detected.

There is a 8 in 10 chance of detecting ovulation with five days of testing, and a 9.5 in 10 chance with 10 days of testing. So if your cycles are not regular, it is better to test for 10 days.

When should you use the Kit?

Ovulation kits come with 5-7 or more sticks. This is because you may need to test for several days to detect the LH surge.

  • If your cycle is regular and 28 days long, ovulation usually occurs on days 13-15.
  • If your cycles are irregular and range from 27-34 days, you should begin testing from cycle day 11 through cycle day 20, or
    until ovulation is detected.

A positive result indicates that you will ovulate in the next 24-36 hrs.

Preparations Before using the Kit

Avoid drinking large amounts of fluids before the test. Consult your doctor if you are taking medications containing oestrogens, progesterone, testosterone or clomid.

Disadvantages of the Kit

If you miss a day in between, you may miss the LH surge. Rarely, the kit may predict ovulation falsely.

If you don’t detect ovulation in two or more consecutive months, contact your doctor.

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