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Welcome your baby with the promise of lifelong protection

Welcome your baby with the promise of lifelong protection

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After months of joyful preparations, waiting and some anxious moments, your little bundle of joy has finally arrived! It’s the time to welcome her with big smiles and a promise of lifelong protection.

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Your breast milk- the best protection you can give to your baby.

When inside your womb, your baby was completely protected by your body. But after taking birth, she needs her own immune (defence) system to keep her body protected!

As of now, it is not completely ready and is supported by the passive (internal) immunity you transferred during the last three months of pregnancy. Your breast milk will now join in to strengthen this passive immunity and also to transfer active immunity building nutrients till your baby’s immune system is strong enough to defend her.

Your breast milk is the best possible food for your newborn and will give her the healthiest start to life. Breast milk, and especially the first yellow milk called Colostrum is rich in protective nutrients that’ll help build a lifetime of defences. Apart from protective ingredients, your breast milk also contains adequate calories and provides the right amounts of growth nutrients to your baby. Thus it is not only good for protection, but also for healthy growth & development of the baby.

Therefore, it is very important that you take a diet rich in growth and immunity building nutrients, both for your own health and for breast milk benefits to be transferred to your baby.

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