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Ways to Improve your Childs Vocabulary

Ways to Improve your Childs Vocabulary

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Wonderful! Your child has now started talking and you are enjoying the chitchat all the time. This is the time to help improve your child’s vocabulary.

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

We express our emotions and feelings through the language we speak and a good vocabulary helps us speak a language well. Hence, it is important to help your child improve his or her vocabulary.

By 12 months of age most children:

Playing with words can make your baby recollect the words learnt earlier. Encourage rhyming games or memory games. Also, repeat the names of fruits, objects, toys, etc.

Can utter mama, papa, and at least one or two other words

Understand simple instructions

Respond to own name

By 18 months to 2 years most children:

Know 20 words by 18 months

Know 50 words by 2 years

Follow two-step instructions such as ‘pick up the ball and give it to me’

Here are ways to improve your child’s vocabulary:

Talk to Your Child

Engage your child in conversations to help improve vocabulary. Try to use clear and simple language while talking to your child. Introduce new words to your child and keep repeating them often, so that he or she can follow and use them. Be creative while using different words.

Teach Your Child to Express Emotions with Words

When your baby falls say, “Oh, you are hurt! Come here, let me kiss you” or when your baby is upset say, “Are you upset?” or when your baby is cheerful say, “I love seeing you laughing or smiling”.

Encourage Reading

Reading helps improve your child’s vocabulary. So read to your child often and cheer him or her to repeat the lines. Don’t just finish the book; explain new words to your child and ensure that your child has understood them. You can also use picture books to teach your child about shapes, colours, flowers, animals, etc.

Tell Stories and Rhymes

Story telling is another way to improve your child’s vocabulary. You can also encourage your child to recite nursery rhymes.

Play Counting Games

Kids can learn numbers while playing counting games. For example, how many oranges are there in the basket?

Nature Trips

Nature is the best teacher. Take your child to a nearby park or garden, show different things and teach each object’s name.

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