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Watch Out for Warning Signs of Developmental Delays

Developmental delay is any significant delay in acquiring the skills appropriate for their age. Some children may show obvious signs of developmental delays, while others may not.

Remember that every child is unique and develops at his or her own pace. There is wide range of what is considered as ‘normal’.

Contact your doctor if:

By 1 year, your child

Do not hesitate to inform your doctor about any of the warning signs of developmental delay. Early identification and treatment will help you deal with develpmental delays in an effective way that will help your child to make progress.

  • Does not crawl or cannot stand with support

  • Does not point at things or search for things when he or she sees you hiding
  • Not able to say single words like mama or dada
  • Does not wave or shake hands

By 18 months, your chi

  • Does not copy others
  • Is not learning new words
  • Does not know what familiar things are for
  • Does not notice or show any reactions when his or her caretaker leaves the house or returns
  • Cannot walk

By 2 years, your child

  • Is not able to walk steadily
  • Does not copy actions and words
  • Is not able to follow simple instructions or use two-word phrases, for example, “eat food”
  • Does not know what to do with familiar things, such as a brush, spoon, etc.

By 3 years, your child

  • Falls down a lot
  • Has an unclear speech or does not speak in sentences
  • Could not follow simple instructions
  • Does not make eye contact with anyone
  • Could not play with simple puzzles or turn handles of toys, etc.
  • Does not play with other children of his or her age
  • Does not play pretend or make believe games or play with toys

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