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Wait! Is your baby ready for cow’s milk

Wait! Is your baby ready for cow’s milk? – Part 1

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As a mother, you do everything possible to keep your baby comfortable. Be it singing lullabies or covering her with extra soft blankets or roaming around with her head on your shoulders, you have done it all! But what about keeping her tummy comfortable?

Friday, September 1st, 2017

Mom, do you know that giving cow’s milk before the age of 1 can make her tummy uncomfortable?

Let’s see why.

In the first year of life, your baby’s digestive system is still immature. She needs the right quantity and quality of protein for long-term health and development as it can increase the risk of obesity. But cow’s milk has more than the needed amount of protein which may not only affect her overall growth and development but also her digestive health.

Cow’s milk has 20 types of proteins of which the two most common ones are Whey and Casein. Whey is a light protein, which is easily digestible. Casein, on the other hand, is a heavy protein, which is difficult to digest.

Cow’s milk has about 4 times more Casein as compared to breast milk!

In fact, Cow’s Milk Protein (CMP) is one of the leading cause of food allergies in babies. About 15% of babies have Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA). Anaemia, weight loss, steatorrhea (excess amount of fat in stools) and chronic diarrhea (that lasts longer than 4 weeks) are some of the symptoms of CMPA. The experts at ESPGHAN, one of the largest associations of pediatricians in the world, say that CMPA most commonly affects babies in the first year of life because of their immature tummies.

According to studies, only ~ 45% of babies can digest cow’s milk protein (CMP) at 1 year of age and around 60% by 2 years of age.

To summarize, cow’s milk is loaded with more protein than your baby’s still developing tummy can handle. It is not only difficult to digest but can also cause various allergies.

So mom, wait and give her cow’s milk only after she turns one year of age.

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