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Uti in Babies Symptoms and Prevention

Uti in Babies Symptoms and Prevention

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The chances of urinary infection are far more among girl child than that in boys. Any type of infectious organism entering the urinary tract of your child (link to glossary) leads to infection. This infection can occur anywhere along the urinary tract. Poor hygiene is the most common cause for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), which can lead to bacterial infestations.

Monday, March 27th, 2017

There are different types of urinary tract infections like cystitis, nephritis and balanitis that can affect your child. Cystitisis the most common of all UTIs. It primarily affects the girl child. It is a bacterial infestation that causes inflammation of the urinary bladder lining.

How to know if your child has UTI?

Change in Urination: Check the urine of your child. Frequent and scanty urination, in some cases slightly cloudy urine because of the presence of pus, discomfort or pain while urinating, foul smelling urine are indications of urinary tract infections.

Burning Sensation: An older child may complain of burning sensation at the beginning and end of urine flow. But for infants, crying during urination maybe an indication of burning sensation.  Burning sensation is a result of pressure of the bladder muscles on the inflamed bladder lining.

Fever: Low-grade fever that usually remains around 100.5ºF also is a symptom of UTI.

Change in Behavior: Complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, which a very young child will not be able to express except than crying, can be an indication of UTI. Your child may also pass urine involuntarily and Your child may show loss of appetite and reject the food or milk.

 And  may grow increasingly irritable that may be persistent.

Blood in the Urine: If your child passes blood in the urine, it indicates severe infection and you should consult your doctor immediately.

How can you diagnose UTI?

Medical Examination:If UTI is indicated in your baby, the doctor will ask for a urine examination of the child. This may be a urine culture, so as to determine the bacteria actually responsible for the infection. This will help the doctor in prescribing the relevant antibiotic.

How to cure your child of UTI?

Medical Treatment:All types of UTI’s need medical intervention. Depending upon the type of infection, the doctor will prescribe your child the required antibiotic therapy. You must make a point to complete the course of drugs prescribed by the pediatrician. This will rule out any recurrence and complication. If your child is above 6 months of age, you will also need to give your child a lot of water to drink.

How to prevent your child from UTI?

Maintain Hygiene: Maintaining good hygiene is the most important factor for preventing UTI. You must ensure to maintain high standards of hygiene for your child

Clean Diaper: You must also maintain proper diaper hygiene. Change the diaper after every 4-5 hours and keep checking in between for need to change.

Keep your baby clean: Always wash and wipe your child from front to backwards after passing stool and when you change the diaper. This prevents any infestations to pass from anal region to the urinary tract. When your girl child is ready to learn, teach her to wipe and clean from front to backwards. You should take care not to irritate the genitals of your child, in an effort to clean them.

Drink Water: Encourage your child to drink lots of water. This will help wash out any infestations in the tract.

Observing good hygiene and keeping your child clean will help you in preventing Urinary Tract Infection in your child. Good hygiene is the keyword in preventing your child from Urinary Tract Infection.

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