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Using Speech for Bonding with a Baby

Using Speech for Bonding with a Baby

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As soon as you hold the baby for the first time in your arms, you have this amazing feeling – may be that is called bonding! Although holding and cuddling initiate bonding, they are not the only ways to establish bonding with your child. Speech is also an important way of building a bond with your baby.


Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Initially, your baby cannot speak but listens to everything you say. Gradually, he or she begins babbling, cooing and gurgling and later starts speaking one or two words like "mama" or "dada".

If you are generally the less talkative type of person and don’t know what to talk, simply keep explaining the things you do for your baby. Don’t worry! Very soon you will be able to express your feelings for your baby.

Here are Ways to Use Speech for Strengthening the Bond with Your Baby:


  • Babies like to hear human voices, especially the voice of their mother or father. So talk to your baby often. You can speak short phrases or sentences with expressions or gestures to help your child understand what you are saying and make him or her feel special. For example, Give a hug and say “mamma is happy for you” or if your baby is gloomy, say “mamma feels for you”.
  • Praise your child whenever he or she does a good work, even if it is a very simple task. For example, say “Well done” or “Bravo” when your child picks up the ball from under the table.
  • Besides talking, listen to your child carefully every time he or she speaks and appreciate him or her.
  • Talk to your child while you are feeding, bathing , carrying and dressing your child. In this way, you can get your child involved in his or her day-to-day activities.

Speech helps create a special bond between you and your child, an experience that is pleasurable and worthwhile for both of you.

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