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Understanding Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Understanding Weight Gain during Pregnancy

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Now that you are pregnant, you will notice many physical changes that start occurring in your body. The most noticeable one is weight gain. You will notice that you will slowly start putting on weight mostly on your chest, abdomen and thigh regions. Your cheeks starts filling out and adds to the glow on your face. Every woman who becomes pregnant puts on weight and it is very normal to do so.

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Where do you gain the weight? (kg)
Amniotic fluid0.800
Body fluids1.2
Maternal blood1.8
Weight gain from other unaccounted components1.640
Total weight gain in pregnancy10.895
Note: Values are approximate

How Much Weight Gain is Normal or Healthy?

The amount of weight you need to gain during your pregnancy depends on what your weight or body mass index (BMI) was before you got pregnant. If you were underweight before conception, you might need to gain a little more weight than what is recommended under normal circumstances. If you were overweight then, you might have to limit your weight gain during pregnancy.

Excess weight gain during pregnancy can cause problems like increase your risk of caesarean section, your baby being bigger than 4 kg and Inability to lose the weight after delivery.

On the contrary, weight loss/gaining too little during pregnancy can adversely affect your baby and increase the risk of preterm birth or low birth-weight baby.

Monitor your weight regularly and if you feel you are not gaining enough weight or putting on too much weight, talk to your doctor.

Is There a Weight Gain Pattern?

Yes! Not only is the total weight gain important but also the rate at which the weight is gained is important.

Usually, weight gain during first trimester is less and averages about 0.2–0.3 kg/week. An increase in weight during early pregnancy is mostly due to the extra fluid (water) that is gained to help support the growth of the baby and the placenta.

During the latter part of the pregnancy, that is, in the second trimester, you will gain 0.45 kg/week and about 0.4 kg/week in the third trimester.

Gaining a Healthy Weight during Pregnancy

Eating right during pregnancy , physical activity like yoga and moderate exercise can help you achieve a healthy weight gain during this important phase of your life.

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