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Understanding Growth Indicators

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Growth is an important indicator to check the general health of your baby. Your newborn is growing rapidly and to check whether the growth is normal, some measurements are done. These measurements/indicators are height, weight and head circumference.

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Why are these Measurements Important?

Doctors track your baby’s growth pattern by measuring height, weight and head circumference. The growth pattern tells whether your baby is growing in a healthy range or not.

The growth factors present in breast milk help in normal growth and development of your baby. Hence, exclusive breastfeeding for at least first six months ensures healthy growth of the child.

Weight: Your full term newborn may weigh between 2.5 kilograms to 4 kilograms. But, immediately after birth your baby loses about 5–10% of the birth weight.
The weight gain should start by 2 weeks of age following a quick growth. The weight doubles by the time the baby is 4–6 months old.

Height/Length: A baby’s length is measured using appropriate equipment as height measurements are taken on standing. During 1–3 months, your baby may
grow 1–1.5 inches every month, which increases to 2 inches per month by 4–6 months.

Head Circumference: In babies, measuring head circumference is an important indicator for the baby’s brain development. The largest part of the head is
measured for the circumference. An unusually larger or smaller than average head may indicate a problem.

Every baby grows at a particular rate. Check with your doctor if your baby is growing in the normal range or not. After all a healthy growth means a healthy baby!

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