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Treating Falls and Bumps

Your little one can surprise you with their acrobats as he or she moves from rolling-over stage to crawling to wobbly-walker stage. However, be prepared for some falls and bumps. Most of these falls and bumps can be treated at home quickly, so don’t panic!

Here are a Few Tips on How to Handle Minor Falls and Bumps:

  • While pacifying the child, gently check the site of the injury.
  • For a minor fall or a bump, with no skin broken, apply an ice pack or instant cold pack to the injured area for 15-20 minutes. Avoid direct application of ice on the area of hurt as it may cause cold injury. Wrap the ice cube in a sock or napkin.
  • Moms get nervous by seeing at the injured site (goose egg), turning blue and black gradually. This is absolutely normal; it is caused by broken blood vessels under the skin and generally heals within 1–2 weeks.

  • If needed, appropriate dose of paracetamol can be given after checking with your doctor.
  • In case of bruises with bleeding, apply pressure or cold pack. Deeper cuts may need medical intervention and should be handled by the doctor.
  • In case of head injury, the child must be observed for next 24 hours. Occasionally children may vomit after an injury which is normal. However, take your child to the doctor if it continues.
  • Children are normally sleepy after the injury, so allow them to sleep. However, keep a watch and monitor their behaviour. Children should get upset on arousing them, small babies should be able to move arms and hands properly. Their breathing should be normal. Toddlers should be able to walk across the room or talk.
  • Observe the child for signs of concussion such as loss of consciousness, vomiting, clear fluid from nose or ears. In such cases, child should be taken to the doctor immediately.

Ensure you prevent falls; however remember, falls are part of growing up!

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