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Travel With Your Baby

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Whenever you plan to travel with your baby, assemble everything much before your journey. As you juggle with your baby’s travel needs, her safety becomes your prime concern and responsibility.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

The thumb rule while traveling with your baby is to always expect the unexpected. You cannot rely upon weather forecasts or route clarity while traveling with your baby. Always remain prepared for the extremes.

What to Pack in Your Travel Bag?

Having a well-equipped travel bag is necessary to ensure smooth travel with your baby but you must pay great attention to packing. It is best to make a checklist of all the things that you need to carry and cross check them during packing.

Following tips help you ensure that everything you need during your travel is in place:

Diaper Bag. An extra allowance of diapers for emergency run outs is ideal when you travel with your baby. Also keep a sufficient supply of wipes, nappy rash cream, changing mat, feeding aids and pacifiers in the diaper bag.

First Aid Kit. Do not forget to keep some basic medicines for stomach ache, fever, cold and cough. Keep nasal drops, ointment for topical injuries, cotton, antiseptic creams/lotions and band-aids in a separate bag.

Daily Use Products. Keep your baby’s daily use products like creams, lotions, shampoo, soap, oil, powder etc in sufficient quantity.

Proper Shoes and Clothing. Keep appropriate shoes/slippers and clothing for your baby. Also, keep a set of warm clothing, in case you are visiting a place with variable weathers. Keep caps for her for extra protection.

Travel and Medical Documents. Always keep travel papers and medical records of your baby and other family members with you while traveling. Also keep pictures of everyone who is traveling with you, especially your baby’s. Mail the required documents and tickets to yourself and to a trustworthy relative or friend.

General Precautions during Traveling.

Always Watch Your Baby. One of the parents should always be attentive towards the baby. Take turns so that your baby is not left unattended at any time.

Dress to Remember. Always make a mental note of what your baby is wearing. Dress her up in bright colors so that she is easily visible, even from a distance.

Keep Your Baby Close to you in Crowded Places. Be vigilant when you are at airports/stations, markets, tourist spots etc. It is best to carry your baby in a sling on your back or stomach. You can also carry her stroller for her ease of transport.

Precautions While Traveling in Car. Use a baby seat for the baby and always keep her seat belt fastened. Do not make her sit in the front seat. If she needs attention, one of the parents can move to the back seat to be with her. For older babies also, keep the seat belts fastened. Do not allow your baby to stand up or use the back seat as a playground. Instead engage her in some toy, music or book, so that she remains seated while you travel.

Precautions While Traveling by Air/Sea. While traveling by air, keep the seat belts fastened and do not allow your baby to run in the aisle. While traveling by sea, your baby might become sea sick. Make sure you have a doctor on board. Consult your pediatrician before you plan air/sea travel with your baby.

Ensure Water and Food Safety.

Ensuring that your baby and other family members are consuming safe food and water is very important to prevent them from hazardous diseases.

Consume Packaged Water. Always use packaged mineral water not only for the baby but also for others in the family. Also ensure that the packaging is authentic and not fabricated.

Fruits are a Good Choice. Fruits are a nutritious snack while you travel, but you need to make sure that they are thoroughly washed and cleaned before consumption. Avoid cut fruits and vegetables since they may be contaminated.

Go for Hygienic Foods/Snacks. If you buy some snacks, make sure that they are prepared in the most hygienic way possible and well cooked. Do not let your baby consume pre-prepared/uncovered meals at any roadside eatery. Food born infections are very common and spread very fast.

Safety Tips for Foreign Travel.

Carry Copies of Relevant Documents. While traveling abroad, keep all your documents including passport, visa, travel insurance, tickets and other documents in multiple copies in each of the bags. Secure the originals in your handbag, which you are sure to carry almost all the time.

Get Complete Vaccination. Investigate about the vaccinations that you and your baby need to have before traveling to the respective country. Also find out about the prevalent diseases in the country you are going to and get your baby and the entire family vaccinated adequately.

Baby Food. If your baby has started taking semi solids and solids, then you may need to carry some baby food of her choice. Also find out about the availability of regular food items that your baby consumes, in that particular country or their alternatives, so that you don’t face any problems as far as feeding your baby is concerned.

Bon Voyage!

If you take adequate precautions and safety measures and always trust your instinct for your baby’s safety while traveling with her, the whole experience can be extremely pleasurable both, for you and your little one.

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