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Track Your Babys Motor Development Milestones at 4 months

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You are overwhelmed when your baby holds your hand for the first time. Holding your finger is part of your baby’s motor development.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Growth and development of your baby is rapid during the first few months. Physical development of an infant (also known as motor development) begins with the head and then involves other body parts.

Tummy time is important for strengthening your baby’s neck, arm and shoulder muscles. During waking hours, allow your baby to have short sessions of tummy time initially and gradually increase the time later on.

Motor development can be classified as:

  • Fine Motor Development: Co-ordination of small muscle movements involving body parts such as fingers – For example, holding a toy, swiping a spoon etc.
  • Gross Motor Development: Co-ordination of large muscles involving body parts such as hands, legs – For example, head control, sitting etc.

Your baby achieves certain milestones as he/she grows.

At the end of 4 months, your baby:

  • Can sit with support and keep the head up as the neck muscles are well-developed.
  • Can roll from front to back.
  • Can rise up with the arms while lying on the tummy.
  • Can raise the head 90 degrees while lying on the tummy
  • Has better control over hand and leg movements.
  • Can hold and let go of an object. If you place a rattle in the baby’s hand, he or she can play with it.
  • Has improved hand-to-mouth coordination and is able to put objects in the mouth.
  • Has improved eye-muscle control that helps your baby follow objects easily.

Encourage your baby’s development at 4 months by engaging in a variety of play activities.

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