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Track Your Babys Mental Development Milestones at 4 months

Track Your Babys Mental Development Milestones at 4 months

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Mental development or brain development is an important aspect of your baby’s overall growth and development. After birth, your baby slowly develops all the senses and is able to recognise your voice, face and touch.

Monday, March 27th, 2017

At 4 months:

While you are busy doing household work, turn on some music to enhance your baby’s hearing abilities. Let him/her enjoy this musical session!

  • Your baby has better eye sight and he/she can recognise parents and familiar faces from a certain distance. The baby’s colour vision is also 
    developing and he/she loves to look at brightly coloured objects such as wall hangings or toys.

  • Your baby’s eye coordination has improved and so your baby can track an object up to 180 degrees. Your baby can also use hand and eyes together
    to see an object and grasp it.
  • Your baby likes to hear your voice and also prefers different types of musical sounds. So talk to your baby and make different sounds. This will help your
    baby to learn about languages.
  • Your baby responds to your touch and feels loved when he/she is held, hugged and kissed.
  • Your baby makes you understand his/her feelings, if he/she is happy, sad or bored.
  • Your baby prefers a sweet taste and might turn away from a bitter or sour taste. Similarly, he/she might not prefer unpleasant smells.

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