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Toys for Speech Development

Toys for Speech Development

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All children learn to speak at their own pace, but as a mother, you can initiate the process by interacting with your baby right from the beginning. Since hearing is the most developed sense in a newborn, exposing your baby to different sounds (musical, little noisy) and human voices can help promote speech development in your baby.

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Speech therapists suggest that mothers should buy toys that encourage their baby’s interaction with them!

At 6 months old, your baby has
already enjoyed soft musical toys.
Now it’s time to buy some noisy rattles.

At 9 months , your little one will enjoy listening to rhymes and songs. So play an audio CD or a musical recorder. If your baby has started toddling, buy booties that make sound – your little one is going to be amused trying to find out the source of the sound.

By 12 months , introduce picture books that make sounds. Your baby will enjoy finger-playing picture books with animal sounds. He or she will love the cacophony of drums and the banging music of steel bowls. You can also introduce rhythm instruments like xylophone and battery operated guitar at this age.

A toy telephone is perfect at the age of 18 months. Your little one will love to babble or say a few words over the phone. If you play with your baby, he or she will learn to talk while “conversing “with you!

For early toddlers, it is good to buy toys that are open-ended (can be used in different ways) and that encourage social interactions. Farm sets with toy animals, building blocks, baby dolls and doll houses that imitate real life things will encourage speech development in your baby.

Avoid feeding junk foods such as tinned foods, chocolates, chips, cookies, cold drinks and health drinks, etc.

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