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Top Baby Toys for Children

Top Baby Toys for Children

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Playing with toys is an integral part of growing up and a lot of childhood enjoyment and learning happens through toys. But choosing toys for your little one can be quite a task these days as markets are flooded with a huge variety of them.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Here are Some Toy Ideas for your Child:

Your baby’s brain is quite active and your baby will enjoy building blocks, shape sorters, fit in puzzle games and playing with dough.

Drums, xylophones and play piano are an instant hit with children.

Your baby would love to kick a ball back and forth.

During playtime with other children of the same age, offer lots of toys, as children play next to each other and not with each other and are not good at sharing.

Children are great imitators. They love to pretend like their mom, dad and teachers. So provide your baby with a doll house, wooden tool kits or a garage/garden set.

The selection of the toys must be based on the baby’s physical and mental abilities and interests. Always check the age group for which the toy is made.

A battery-operated guitar for your rock star and a doctor set for your budding nurse adds to the fun.

Have a blackboard for your child to scribble on or keep a box filled with paper, crayons, etc.

Ride-on cycles or cars can help improve your child’s gross motor skills.

Invest in matching card games or memory card games

Buy toys that encourage counting such as a toy abacus

Just Remember few Things Before Buying Toys:

The toy must be well constructed and safe for your baby. It should be durable with no small portions poking out. However safe the toy maybe, your baby has a tendency to mouth things, so be there to supervise your baby and enjoy with him or her.

Avoid buying higher age group toys just because they are attractive. By the time your baby grows up, the toys will be already broken or ruined.

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