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Top baby toys from birth to 6 months

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Make sure the baby toys you give your little one are appropriate for her age and stage of development. It’s crucial for her learning and developing knowledge about the world around her.

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Given below are some general guidelines to help you choose the right baby toys.

Birth to 2 months.

Even though your baby will be most interested in your loving touches, feeding time, and sleep, it’s not too early to start developing her senses and a love of play.

Mobiles: When your baby has greater head and neck control, she’ll be able to turn and look at a bright mobile hung above her crib. Place it about 8 to 12 inches above where she lies, and it will help develop her vision and pique her curiosity. Make sure to securely hang the mobile so it won’t fall.

Colourful toys: Baby toys in bright colours are a big hit with babies in these first months. Your baby won’t be able to grasp them yet or recognise specific colours, but the stimulating contrasts in colour and shape will draw her attention.

High-contrast toys and pictures: Your baby will stare intensely at a high-contrast object. Try setting a black-and-white paper collage of simple shapes in front of her while she’s in a baby seat at home or in the car seat while travelling—and watch how closely he examines it.

Mirrors: An unbreakable, baby-safe mirror secured to your baby’s crib will let her look at and discover herself.

3 to 6 months.

By this age your baby’s vision, hearing, and nervous system are showing real signs of maturing. Babies love different textures, so introduce your infant to stuffed animals and fluffy fabrics.

Rattles, grab rings, and shaker toys: Your baby will be able to hold these objects, bring them to her mouth, and shake them. She will especially delight in baby toys that make noises.

Pictures of faces and animals: Your baby can now see objects in detail and will begin to study intricate shapes, including her own hands and fingers.

Teething toys: Your baby’s first teeth probably are about to come through. She may find it soothing to chew on a safe teething toy.

Mobiles: Your baby will continue to enjoy these moving sculptures and now will try to touch them. When she can reach up and grab the mobile, it’s time to take it down.

Blocks: Blocks can be lots of fun for your baby. She’ll also enjoy dropping them—again and again.

Friends: Now’s the time to introduce your baby to other infants. Let them lie on a blanket together and interact while you supervise them.

Toys are an important tool for your baby to learn. Choose them wisely to help her grow into a happy and healthy baby.

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