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Toddler Toys & Games

Toddler Toys & Games

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Your toddler can be over stimulated or confused by too many toys offered all at once. If you have a lot of toys for toddlers out all the time, try packing half or a third away in containers and rotate the containers each week or every few days depending on how much time you spend at home.

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Here are some things you can enjoy doing with your toddler or encouraging them to do on their own:

  • Simple puzzles;
  • Link-up and stacking toys like trains, blocks and toys with knobs and buttons to push;
  • Dress ups – have a box full of hats, shoes, bags, coats, ponchos skirts and pants for your toddler to pull out and put on as many times as she wants during the day;
  • Suitable toddler books have pictures and objects, animals and family photos to identify;
  • Give your toddler the opportunity to choose what things are the same, such as colour and shape. You can use this as a game when packing away toys together before rest time;
  • Encourage your toddler to join in with household activities, such as sweeping the floor, bathing the dog, gardening or washing the dishes;
  • Help your toddler learn space awareness with jumping in and through hoops;
  • Encourage creeping and crawling along an obstacle course;
  • Roll down a gentle incline together;
  • Throw and catch a ball together – use different sizes, textures and weights.


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