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Toddler at the Dining Table

Toddler at the Dining Table

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Making your child to sit at the table during mealtimes at this stage of life is a difficult task indeed. As toddlers are full of energy, they love to run about and even like to do their eating on the run. Apart from creating a mess all over the house, eating while running also increases your child’s risk to choking.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Here are a few tips to make your child sit down at mealtimes.

Talk pleasantly, avoid arguments or a raised voice while making your child to understand the importance of sitting at the table to eat. Making mealtimes fun and enjoyable will automatically make your child want to spend time on the table. Using cutlery and table mats with your child’s favorite cartoon characters may entice your toddler to eat at the table.

Be your child’s role model. Never eat while walking or away from the table for example, at your computer desk or in front of the TV. Children usually learn behaviours by observing others especially parents.

Reward and compliment your child immediately when he or she shows good behaviour. For example, you can allow your child an extra 10 min of TV time or an activity that he or she enjoys. This will encourage your child to continue doing good behaviour in the future.

Schedule mealtimes according to your child needs.

Set a mealtime routine so that your child knows that they are required to sit down at a table while eating. Ask your child to help in setting the table before mealtimes. Ask him or her to carry plates, spoons to the table. Do make sure that it is something that they can carry and is unbreakable.

Finally have realistic expectations. Behaviour changes take time and effort, and you need to be patient and calm. You might have to explain to them why it is important to sit at the table and eat. Be prepared to repeat this conversation many many times over.

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