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Tips for Managing a Messy Child at Dining Table

Tips for Managing a Messy Child at Dining Table

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You toddler is not deliberately making a mess when he/she eats. It is just that his/her fine motor skills, which help to hold a spoon are still developing.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Tips To Handle a Messy Child

If your toddler has gained enough experience at self-feeding or is old enough, you may now try and control the mess at the dining table.

Present food in an easy-to-eat ways. Cut into small pieces. For example, tear a whole chapathi into bite sized pieces.

Make sure that your child is hungry before bringing him to the dining table; this will prevent him or her from playing with the food.

Don’t get angry if your child spills food. Accept it as a part of their growing up and take necessary precautions earlier, such as placing a table mat under the plate or a plastic sheet under the chair.

If your child throws food, ask him or her to help you clean it later.

Keep your expressions neutral and say, “No throwing, food is only for eating”.

Make your child to eat with his or her hand instead of spoon.

Praise and even reward your child if they are sitting nicely at the table and eating well. This way you are encouraging him or her to continue to behave well.

You are your child’s role model. Show good table manners yourself.

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