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Tips on being a yummy mommy

Tips on being a yummy mommy

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Do you think that “yummy mummy” tag fits only Bollywood moms? Wish you could be a yummy mummy? It is possible, if you follow just a few lifestyle strategies.1,2

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Enjoy the Phase of Life

Being a “yummy mummy” is beyond how you look; your persona as a woman, your grace and style of child care, positive attitude and loving relations with everyone around can surely earn you a tag of “yummy mummy”.

Taking care of a toddler is surely a task at hand; however, that does not mean that you need to look stressed out. Just enjoy this phase of life, accept its challenges with a smile and dance around at times with your child.

Learn to Handle Stress

Stress busters such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, listening music, reading a book can help you relax and calm down.

Get Adequate Sleep

Try to get enough sleep, which helps reduce the stress. Taking a warm bath or drinking a cup of herbal tea can be helpful while you are going to bed. Steal a nap whenever possible or at the time when your toddler is asleep.

Eat Right

Stock up on healthy foods and include lots of fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains in your diet. Eating healthy helps you to get steady energy for staying fit and healthy.

Get Active

Try to squeeze in a little time for a walk, may be after your husband returns from work, join aerobics/dance class or simply do some free hand exercises at home.

Manage your Time Well

Plan your day in advance so that you can prioritise your tasks. Make a “to-do list”, which can help you manage baby care and other responsibilities.

Get Support

Build a support system that can include your husband, family members , close friends, nanny  and domestic help. Master the art of delegating tasks, which will give you some quality time for yourself. For example, you can ask your husband to take your baby to garden or park.

Steal Some Free Time

Even though this may sound next to impossible, yet try and get some free time for yourself. It could be just a 10-minute break. Do what you love to do in that free time; read a newspaper, talk to your mom/sister/a close friend, write in your diary.

Do not Ignore Self-Grooming

Being a mother does not mean a ‘NO’ for a beauty parlour visit. Take care of your skin and hair by following a routine. If a visit to the parlour is not possible, arrange for a facial or pedicure at home. A little pampering will keep you spirited.

Keep the Romance Twinkling

Being a mother is a no excuse for letting the romance fly away from your married life. Steal some romantic moments with your husband simply by sending love notes/messages, show interest in what is happening in your husband’s office/business, get some gifts for him, or simply squeeze time to cook up his favourite meal or a dish. Be creative and find ways to let the romance twinkle.

Enjoy your motherhood, but nurture the womanhood and be a yummy mummy!

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