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The Right Books for Your Little One

Your baby is getting smarter and is outgrowing his/her baby books. It’s time to get new books to stimulate your baby’s developing learning, thinking and understanding skills.

Here are Some Tips to Choose the Right Books for Your Little one:

Picture Books

Now that your child can identify objects, your child will definitely enjoy picture books of familiar items such as toy, ball, cup, etc.

Use a photo album and slip-in cut-outs of objects from magazines. Once your baby is bored with it, simply replace them with new cut-outs. This is a great way of cutting down your expenses on branded books.

Flip-Flap Books

At this age, your child might enjoy flip-flap books as every page has hidden items that will surprise your child just like a peek-a-boo game. Your child can also touch and feel the interactive elements or movable parts of these books.

Books related to Greeting Others

Your child might like books about saying hello, thank you, good bye, etc. to others.

Books related to your Child’s Interest

Children are interested in various things at this age and may enjoy books related to these interests. For example, you can choose books on animals, vehicles, foods, etc.

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