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The immune system

It is important to know how the immune system in your baby’s body works. Here are few pointers to understand the situation better.

What is immune system?

Immune system may be defined as the sum total of inherent biological mechanisms within an organism designed to protect against diseases by identifying and destroying infectious agents and cancerous cells. In countering the tremendous onslaught of an array of infections, the immune system is the most powerful weapon the body wields.

What are the functions of immune system?

  • It seeks out and destroys any material that ought not to be in the body including abnormal and damaged cells
  • Disease germs, infected cells and tumour cells have to bear the brunt of the immune system’s wrath
  • The immune system develops antibodies whenever an infectious agent enters the body
  • These antibodies weaken or destroy the disease producing agent or neutralise its toxins
  • If there is a re-exposure of the body to the same agent at a later time, the immune system develops antibodies at a much faster pace. As a result the individual is unlikely to become sick and immunity is said to have developed
  • The immune system also employs white blood cells to attack bacteria and foreign bodies directly

Awareness of the immune system helps in choosing the right diet for your baby. Follow them to ensure her health and happiness.

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