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Teaching your Child to Express Through Speech

Teaching your Child to Express Through Speech

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Your child must have started expressing his or her needs or feelings through sign languages, gestures and eye gazes. For first few months of life, kids use non-verbal behaviours to communicate; and slowly they start communicating through speech. However, instead of encouraging your child’s sign languages, it is important to teach your child to express through speech.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Ways to Teach your Child to Express through Speech

Keep Talking: Your baby listens to you carefully, and this increases his or her stock of vocabulary. So, keep talking with your baby and use proper names for people, places and objects while talking.

Play gesture games or question–answer games to help your baby develop speech.

Expressing Needs: Teach your child
to express his or her everyday needs. For example, ‘I am hungry, give me food’; ‘I am thirsty, I need water’; ‘I am feeling sleepy’, etc.

Create Link between Gestures and Language: Try to create link between gestures and language while talking, as gestures help in language development . For example, if your child points to the water filter, ask “Do you want some water?” After giving a pause, ask “Do you want some milk?” Likewise, you can involve your child into a conversation and encourage him or her to respond.

Expressing Feelings: Encourage your child to share his or her feelings through speech, such as, whenever he or she is happy, teach him or her to say ‘I am happy’; if your child is sick, teach to say ‘I am not well’.

Let your Child Mingle: Allow your child to mix with other children in the park or garden. This will help him or her to express through speech.

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