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Teaching healthy eating habits

Teaching healthy eating habits

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It’s not too early to start teaching your baby healthy eating habits. It’s a gradual process that will take its own course. So, it’s better to start early and give your baby the time to adapt.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Given below are some tips to keep in mind when feeding your baby.

Introduce variety: Your role is to offer her a variety of nutritious choices - your baby’s role is to decide what and how much to eat.

Understand the signs: Being in tune with your baby’s eating cues now can affect how she’ll relate to food in the future. When your baby starts eating solid foods, watch for signs that she’s full. If she turns her head away from the spoon, covers her face with her hands, spits out familiar foods, or pushes it away, it’s probably time to stop. Never force your child to clean her plate.

Avoid bribing: Avoid using food as a reward for good behavior. This can set up a negative relationship with food. Instead use praise or hugs to reward behaviour.

Respect her choice: Offer a wide variety of foods that includes at least one you know your child likes. Let her choose, but if she decides to eat nothing, respect her choice. She’ll make up for the missed calories at the next meal or the next day.

Give her time to adapt: Feed your baby a variety of foods. If your baby doesn’t like a food, try it again later. Babies aren’t used to the taste and texture of new foods, so it may take 10 to 15 tries before she figures out whether she likes it.

Choose a balanced diet: Though you’ll be expanding your baby’s menu, continue feeding iron-fortified infant cereal. By feeding this cereal, you’ll also be helping to ensure that your baby gets iron, an important nutrient for healthy growth and development.

Learning to feed by herself that your baby needs to adapt to slowly and steadily. Keep mealtimes positive by creating a relaxed environment. Make the whole experience enjoyable for her. And watch her grow into an independent, confident and smiling baby.

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