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Talking to the Toddlers Teacher

Talking to the Toddlers Teacher

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Your toddler is a preschooler now, exploring & discovering the world with his teacher. You are naturally curious about how your little one manage in the school without you. It is important to develop a clear communication with the toddler’s teacher.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

While talking to the teacher:

Be patient and polite; preferably jot down your concerns before the appointment.

Ask her about your child’s friends, his interests, strengths and behaviour

Discuss about the individual and group activities they do in classroom.

Don’t hesitate to put forward even your small concerns, for example, my child is not finishing the lunch


Give an honest opinion about something you don’t like or the child has not enjoyed in school but in a constructive manner. For example, my child does not enjoy doing a particular activity. Can he be engaged in something else?


If you notice behavioural changes such as sudden dislike for school, unusual crankiness or even quiet behavior, immediately discuss the same with your toddler’s teacher.

If the teacher points out that the child is exhibiting some behavioural problem like hitting or biting other children, don’t feel offended. Listen to her patiently and work on her suggestions
to improve.

If you think your child is learning a bad habit from some child in school, don’t have a blaming attitude, be receptive to her suggestions and you can give yours.

Toddlers are generally very impressed by their teachers, so it is a good idea to convey messages to your child through the teacher.

Finally, ask her what can be done at home to substantiate the teacher’s activity in the classroom.

Stay in touch with the teacher your child’s progress can be tracked.

A little help from your family members not only makes baby care easy but also build a family bond.

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