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Talking to your toddler

With time your baby will start talking and communicating. You being the one closest to her will receive most of her expressions. You need to know how to respond back. It’s a process and you can gradually adapt the way you communicate with her.

Try these tips:

Pay attention when your baby talks. This is easy because just listening to your little one talk is fascinating.

Expand on what your baby says. For example if she says, "See the dog," ask, "What sound does the dog make?" or "What colour is the dog?" This expansion helps increase your baby’s appreciation for the seemingly limitless possibilities of language.

Echo back what she says. This is a good tip, no matter how old your baby is. It keeps everybody on the same page.

Ask questions. Because your little one is now talking, this is a wonderful opportunity to find out what’s going on in her mind.

Interpret what’s happening. Specially about something that is taking place at a level just beyond where you assume your baby is operating. Little ones can operate at a higher level than we assume, so a little stretch will make for a healthy conversation. For example if she says, "See the dog," respond by explaining why the dog is on a leash or why you shouldn’t pet a dog that’s unfamiliar to you.

It’s a moment of unpredictable joy to see your baby talking. This is the beginning of a process where you will guide her to become a sweet-talking baby. Understand her, follow the right steps and make her talk sweetly!

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