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Taking Your Baby to The Clinic

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A visit to the doctor’s clinic is a routine for every mother and baby. This can be part of the regular immunization process, or for any discomfort or illness of your baby.

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Cranky at the clinic. Certain times your baby is a little fussy at the clinic even if she is calm at other places. At times, her environment may make her uncomfortable. If she is unwell, she may be under the weather and not be comfortable. Hunger and thirst are other factors that can make the stay at clinic a bit difficult and uncomfortable.

Proper feeding helps. Whenever you plan to visit the clinic, ensure that you feed your baby well in advance so that she is not hungry at the time of the checkup. Also, be prepared to feed your baby at the clinic, in case the need arises carry her food with you in case of any delay. Try to maintain a gap of minimum half an hour between the feeding and the appointment.

Comfortable clothing. Your baby must be dressed comfortably. If dressed in loose cotton your baby feels more comfortable. Try to dress her up in clothes that are easy to take off. This can be a smart idea if the doctor requires undressing your baby.

Plan your visit. Visit the doctor at that time of the day when your baby is most calm. Fix an appointment when your baby is ill so that you don’t spend extra time. Still, if you have taken your baby for routine visits or immunization earlier, the doctor’s task becomes a bit easier and faster as the baby is a little less restless.

Sleep helps. If your baby is ill it is a good idea to keep her asleep during the time you are taking her to the clinic.

Reward the baby. If you are visiting the doctor for immunization of your older baby, you may need to carry a reward for her for a successful shot.

Blood tests can be a bit unnerving. During a pathological test, your baby may cry a bit. Yes, the sight of your baby crying may make you uncomfortable. Try to remain calm and reassuring.

Postpone the visit. If your baby is suffering from a running temperature, or she has diarrhea during the time when immunization is due, talk to the paediatrician and postpone the appointment.

Scan and sleep. In case of certain tests, it is advisable to keep your baby asleep. For instance, in case of scans, try to keep your baby sleeping while the test is being carried out.

Things you need to carry to the clinic.

While taking your baby to the doctor’s clinic you need to carry a few things with you as well that keeps her engaged, thus making the appointment less stressful.

Baby bag. Get your diaper bag ready for the visit to the clinic. Keep a disposable plastic bag. It comes in handy if you need to dispose off your baby’s diaper.

Some quick snacks. Take some fruit, milk, cookies, or boiled/ mashed potatoes as well as water in the sipper if your baby is old enough to consume these. These may come in handy if your baby, for some reason, feels hungry and/or thirsty in the clinic.

Medical records book. Take her medical records and immunization schedule with you whenever you visit the clinic.

Book or toy for time-pass. Carrying a toy or a book can be a smart idea. This helps if your baby needs to spend some time in the clinic. These can also come in handy if she feels the wait in the clinic boring.

Carry cloth changing stuff. Keep a changing mat, change of clothing, diaper and wipes with you.

Some other Things to keep in mind.

While visiting the clinic with your baby you might keep a few other things in mind. For instance:

  • Ask about the immunization shot and its side effects.
  • Prepare yourself for the side effects in your baby.

Your baby stays calm at the clinic if you keep communicating with her in a calm voice. If you find it difficult, you can just take a stroll with the baby in your arms to make her feel more secure and cozy.

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