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Supporting Your Babys Growth and Development

Supporting Your Babys Growth and Development

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Your baby at this stage grows, moves and explores the surroundings. Make sure that you provide adequate support to your baby during this period to promote continual growth and development.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Here are a Few Suggestions for Promoting Healthy Growth and Development in your Baby:

Provide nutrient-rich foods to your baby to meet the increasing energy and nutrient demands of your growing baby.

Feed solid foods at least 3-4 times in a day.

Continue breastfeeding. The frequency of breastfeeding may decrease once your baby starts eating solid foods.


The amount your baby can eat at a time is the size of his or her fist. So keep the portions small.

Offer foods rich in protein, calcium and iron to support your baby’s growth and development.

Provide meals with a mixture of at least two food groups like cereal and pulse or dairy and cereal or pulse.

Include washed and cooked vegetables and hard fruits in your baby’s diet everday.

Provide protein-rich foods like pulses, full fat milk, cheese, paneer, curds or egg yolk at least
2 times in a day.

Offer healthy and nutritious finger foods as snacks.

Avoid giving salty, sugary, spicy and empty calorie foods.Interact with your baby while feeding or playing. If your baby is a fussy eater , he or she will need more attention while feeding.

Fortified foods and home made nutritious foods along with mother’s milk can help you fulfill your baby’s nutrient requirements.

Provide adequate space for your baby to move around and help him or her stand with support.

Play games like peek-a-boo and hide and seek to develop your baby’s social and emotional skills.

Read colourful books to your baby to enhance cognitive skills.

Remember, your attention and supervision is necessary to help your baby develop. Your encouragement is essential to motivate your baby to try out new things and explore the surroundings.

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