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Supporting Growth and Development in Your Little One

Supporting Growth and Development in Your Little One

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Your heart fills with joy when you see your little one toddle into your arms. Your baby is now a walker. He or she will try and act independently and express feelings more clearly. Your tiny tot loves to be treated as ‘Big’!

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

As a mom, you can help your little one grow better physically and mentally by providing him or her with the right environment.

Here are a few tips to help you do so:

Social and Emotional Development

Your baby may have grown up, but he or she still needs your hugs and cuddles. To assert independence, he or she may throw tantrums on feeling frustrated. At such times, comfort your baby and try to divert his or her attention. Allow him or her to hone skills like washing hands, feeding and dressing up independently. Follow a regular schedule to help your child know what’s coming next and makes him or her feel secure. Also, make sure that your child plays with other kids of his or her age – this will improve communication skills and social interactions.

Physical Development

Stimulating environment, right nutrition and loads of love will help your tiny tot grow smarter and healthier!

Provide plenty of obstacle-free space for your little one to move around. Allow him or her to climb, run, squat, and crawl. Give him or her lots of push and pull toys to exercise the muscles. Allow your child explore the surroundings, but first make sure that you childproof the place.

Cognitive Development

To satiate your child’s curiosity, allow him or her to experiment. Provide your child with blocks, safe
tools, simple puzzles and coloured or illustrated picture books to enhance brain development.

Speech and Language Development

Direct conversation and interactive play will help your child expand his or her vocabulary and express himself or herself easily. As a mom, try and initiate pretend play with toy telephones or dolls. Interactive books, finger play toys and music will help improve your child’s communication skills. The only problem you may face is that your baby will want you to repeat his or her favourite rhyme or story infinite times!

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