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Supporting Growth and Development in Your Baby

Supporting Growth and Development in Your Baby

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Your baby has now learned to stand with or without help. Support your baby’s growth by providing a safe environment for him or her to roam about.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Help your Baby’s Development

Here are a few tips you can apply to help your baby’s development:

Encourage Language Development

Build on what your baby says or points at, such as if your baby points at a car or says “car”, you build on it by saying, ”yes, that’s a big blue car.”

Encourage standing by letting your baby hold furniture or your hands for support. Remove furniture with sharp edges.

Encourage Social and Emotional Development

Encourage good behaviour by praising, hugging or kisisng your baby. Spend more time praising good behaviour rather than punishing bad behaviour.

To discourage bad behaviour, respond with a firm “No”. Never yell at your baby, instead impose the time-out-technique for around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Don’t force your baby to be with the new caregiver. Give him or her enough time to know the newcomer. While doing so bring lots of toys to comfort your baby.

Encourage Motor Development

Make your baby turn pages.

Let him or her play with blocks and other toys.

Encourage Mental Development

Ask your baby to label body parts or else hide toys and ask him or her to find them out. Sing songs with actions and ask your baby to copy the actions with you.

Read to your baby everday.

Explain your activities to your baby. Suppose you are washing your baby’s hands say, “mom is washing your hands with soap”. Make your baby feel special and appreciated in order to help him or her grow and develop.

Make your baby feel special and appreciated in order to help him or her grow and develop.

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