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Supporting Growth and Development in the Sitter

Supporting Growth and Development in the Sitter

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Babies at this age can sit without support and like to play with others, especially their parents. Take some time out of your busy schedule to play with your baby every day.

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Tips to Support Your Baby’s Growth and Development

The following suggestions can help you enhance your baby’s growth and development:

Sit with your baby on the floor and play with him or her every day. Reciprocal play may be a good option. Smile when your baby smiles and imitate the sounds that your baby makes.

If your baby drops any toy on the floor, pick it up and give it back. This will help your baby learn cause and effect.

Read books to your little one every day. Make a point to praise your baby when he or she babbles and reads too. You can read picture books that are colourful and name pictures in magazines. You can also show new things to your baby and give them a name.

Talk to your baby by repeating what he or she says and by making simple words with those sounds. For example, if your baby says “bah”, say “book”.

As your baby is in the sitter stage, you need to baby-proof your house if you have not done yet to make it a safe place for him or her to move. Clear out small objects, such as coins, buttons, etc.

Encourage your baby to roll over by putting him or her on tummy or back and putting toys out of his or her reach.

Learn to understand your baby’s moods so that you can comfort your baby when he or she is upset. You might also encourage your baby to self soothe by sucking fingers.

If your baby shows signs of developmental delay, contact a doctor immediately. Do not delay. Signs of developmental delay in a sitter include: never trying to get things that are within reach, showing no response to the sounds around, not rolling over, not smiling or laughing and seeming very stiff.

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