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Some of the common kiddy quirks

Some of the common kiddy quirks

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It can’t be taken as a solution but it’s just an attempt at understanding the fussy eaters so that their problems could be understood in more detail. To solve any issue you are required to tackle that issue in detail so that you could come up with possible techniques to handle it.

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Moreover, certain babies are allergic to certain foods. Therefore, you would be required to consult your doctor before trying out any new food on your baby. Some babies are allergic to fish or peanuts so you will have to avoid any such food that could trouble your little one’s digestive system.

Here are some guidelines to help you understand your baby’s food preferences better.

Is your baby a veggie hater?

The problem: Some vegetables can induce tantrums even in adults, leave alone the babies. If your baby’s nose automatically distorts the moment you present or talk about the veggies then she is sure to be a veggie hater. Such babies are found in abundance and there are many mothers who would be able to relate with this problem.
What the study has to say: Recent studies reveal that it can take more than 15 experiments before a baby will actually try out something new. It is recommended that the baby should be repeatedly exposed to neutral food without applying force and this would eventually help in developing her taste for new food.
The nutritional value: Vegetables are rich sources of minerals and vitamins and therefore are important for your baby’s growth and development. They are also rich in chemicals that boast healthy cells, protect eyes, nourish skin and strengthen the bones. And also provide immunity against infections and diseases. Vegetables also contain fibres that stabilise blood sugar and help fight indigestion. Therefore, you just cannot do away with vegetables because that would mean a big compromise on your little one’s health.

Does your baby hate the mess in the plate?
The problem: If your baby gets panicky looking at the mashed potatoes or the rice getting mingled with the pulses then you need to compartmentalise different foods and make sure that the food plate looks clean. Such fussy eaters can be handled very easily because they are at least ready to eat. All they want is clearly demarcated food.
The nutritional value: With fussy eaters like these you surely run the great risk of compromising on the variety because you cannot afford to mix and match vegetables and chocolates!

The trick to follow: Don’t bother much, as long as your baby eats the food, it doesn’t matter if she asks for a separate distinction. Serve her different food in a plate that has various compartments and the problem is solved. Try avoiding the messy food and even if you wish to serve her mashed potatoes, you can serve it as a chapatti filling.

Do you have a say-no-to-fruit baby?
The problem:  Fruits don’t find a passage to your little one’s throat? Well, that’s again a common problem associated with many babies. Some babies have their own choices when it comes to fruits and some others simply don’t like fruits. Mothers keep trying to push fruits into their little ones’ mouth by various means but nothing seems to work.

What the study has to say: According to ICMR, it is suggested that one should eat 40 g of fibre every day and the richest source of these fibres is fruits/vegetables. 
The nutritional value: Fruits are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also said to be 100 percent  cholesterol-free. Needless to mention, fruits help fight deficiency of water and stimulate memory.

The trick to follow: You can try your hands at banana smoothies, which is not only easy to prepare but is also healthy for your little one. You can add different fruits and make chilled custard with them. You can add chocolate syrup or vanilla to your custard and top it up with cherries.

Is your little one a fast food freak?

The problem: Greasy burgers and high on fat. Pizzas are sure to find their way to your baby if she is a fast food freak. Such babies need spice in their food and therefore they pick up stuff from outside rather than having the regular meal at home.

What the study has to say: Recent studies reveal that the major cause of growing obesity among babies is the unhealthy fast food. The fast food outside is prepared with a lot of poor quality oil that can severely affect your baby’s health. 
The nutritional value: None. Yes it’s true that these fast foods do not contain any nutrients. In fact they are prepared in saturated fats and rich in sodium and sugar.

The trick to follow: You can try making vegetable noodles at home. Homemade food is any day better and hygienic than the commercially prepared food. Try and present your baby with varieties so that she doesn’t get bored of eating the same food all the time. You can try out vegetable rolls, brown bread vegetable sandwiches, etc. at home. Remember mothers, the trick is to make the food yummy for the tummy!

Is your little one obsessed with a particular kind of food?

The problem: Your baby is surviving on sandwiches and burgers. Or may be she just eats a particular vegetable and doesn’t want to try out any other variety of food. There are babies who are just obsessed with a particular food for various reasons and as a result they are usually reluctant on considering any other kind of food.
The nutritional value: It is possible that your baby is obsessed with a particular food which is healthy enough but still, it is important for you to watch out that your baby eats a variety of food to get a variety of nutrients.

The trick to follow: If your baby is thriving on unhealthy food then your major concern is to make that food healthy by preparing it at home. You cannot always come up with varieties especially when your baby is obsessed with one kind of food. So all you need to do is to figure out what makes that particular food interesting for your baby and then try adding that particular element to other foods as well. If your baby likes a particular vegetable, you can try adding that particular vegetable to fried rice and your baby would surely love it.

Understand your baby’s choices and preferences before forcing your regime to her. Follow the tricks to introduce good food in her diet. And let her eat healthily and happily!

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