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Solutions to common feeding issues

Solutions to common feeding issues

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Now that you’re becoming more comfortable with feeding your baby, you’ll find yourself learning what’s normal for her and what causes concerns.

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Spitting up.

To help decrease the frequency of spitting up, make feedings smaller and a little more frequent

  • Burp your baby at least every three to five minutes during a feeding

  • Avoid bottle-feeding your baby when she is lying down and place her in an upright position immediately after she is finished
  • Avoid overfeeding


  • Call your baby’s physician if your baby develops signs of constipation, including stools that are large, hard, and dry or firm stools that occur less than once a day
  • Keep in mind that it may be normal for some babies to go more than a day without having a bowel movement


  • Call your baby’s physician if your baby develops signs of diarrhoea (4 to 5 watery stools per day) or dehydration (playing less, urinating infrequently, fewer tears when crying, dry mouth, sunken soft spot on top of head)
  • If your baby is dehydrated, her physician may suggest a special oral rehydration solution


  • Your baby’s chances of developing food allergies depend on many things, including her family history and her diet
  • If your baby is fed on baby products, choose the baby product with care
  • Some are less likely than others to lead to allergic conditions
  • Be sure to seek the advice of your health care provider

Breastfeeding is the perfect way of bonding between a mother and her baby. Keep the pointers in mind to make this experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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