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Smoking and its implication on your pregnancy

Smoking and its implication on your pregnancy

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There are few habits that may have negative effects on you and your baby, especially during your pregnancy. Smoking is one of them.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Read on to know why and how it is harmful.

How is smoking harmful for expecting mothers?

Smoking poses one of the major threats to the growth of the baby if not stopped at an early stage of the pregnancy. Cigarette contains as much as 400 harmful chemicals including almost 60 cancer-causing compounds. The baby’s only source of oxygen supply remains the bloodstream of the mother which gets polluted by these toxicants, especially by nicotine and carbon monoxide.

What are the complications caused due to smoking?

Stillbirth, premature birth or low birth weight are resultants of the blockage in the oxygen supply caused by nicotine and carbon monoxide. The blood vessels, throughout the body contract, and, carry forward a reduced amount of oxygen. The vessels take molecules of carbon monoxide instead and stress the lungs of the baby to inhale it.
A pack-a-day habit slashes half a pound of weight from the baby’s body and prevents the optimum growth. The resultant underdeveloped bodies and organs might not be developed enough to handle the respiratory complication, which may result in dependence of the baby to respiratory machines.
Smoking also poses lifelong problems of the brain to the baby. Babies of pregnant smokers are likely to have a higher risk of learning problems, low IQs and behavioural problems.

The only way to keep your baby from the ill effects of smoking is to quit immediately. Remember, this is the most important occasion in your life. Do not take a chance to let anything go wrong. The joy of motherhood is bigger than anything else.

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