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Sleep tips for 7 to 12 month olds

The sleeping habits of older babies vary. Some may sleep all night and take one or no naps. Others may be up in the night but take several naps during the day. Given below are some tips for helping your older baby get the rest she needs. 

Habits change. Your baby’s napping habits may start to change between 7 and 12 months. Her two daily naps may be shorter—just one to two hours each. And at around 9 months, your baby may be sleeping up to 12 hours at nights. Some skip mornings nap altogether!

Bedtime anxiety. Bedtime can bring special challenges and often tears. Babies cry at bedtime because they feel anxious when a parent/caregiver leaves the room.

Help her sleep. Don’t rush in if your baby cries when you leave her room. Give her time to fall back to sleep on her own. If crying still persists, comfort your baby by checking in but don’t pick her up. Rub your baby’s tummy and whisper to help her relax and fall asleep.

A safe cradle. Now that your baby has gained greater mobility, she may be practicing sitting up or pulling herself up to a standing position. Make sure her crib is sturdy enough for your stronger little one.

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